Thursday, April 12, 2012

28 weeks

How far along? 28 weeks! 83 days to go!

Total weight gain/loss: Well, I haven't been to the doctors for almost 6 weeks.. and this week during my glucose screening, I've gained a total of... **Drum roll please** 26 lbs... go ahead an gasp, lol, that's 11 lbs since my last appointment! I think i'm gonna really start walking for the rest of my pregnancies because I don't think that I'm too big in the belly, its the butt & thighs. ALL the junk went to my trunk. lol

Maternity clothes? Still mixing and matching! maternity bottoms & some maternity tops, regular tops & dresses.. and I moved up to medium underwear.. lol

Stretch marks? nope, I'm just a chunky monkey

Sleep: yes... i love sleep

Best moment this week: I went to watch "The Voice" Live! It was a long day but well worth it!

Miss Anything? I really miss looking good in photos... my face is looking super round now.

Movement: yes, I think he sits in there pushing on my belly button... like he's ringing a doorbell... and it went from a gentle cute poking... to a full on breakdancer in there.

Food cravings: coconut cream pie... but we've been really good about eating mostly organic!

Anything making you queasy or sick: no, and that glucose drink was pretty tasty. lol.. just not at 7:15 in the morning.

Have you started to show yet: silly question to keep answering.. don't u think??

Gender: a handsome little man

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? in..but i swear he's trying to kick it out... sometimes i wake up a little bruised and my belly button is very tender.

Wedding rings on or off? on.. but i hope to last until after the 20th.. it might be coming off for the rest after my baby shower!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I'm all smiles all the time! Must be all the sleep!

Looking forward to: My husbands been fiercely working on the yard to build a play area for Baby Landon.. and he's almost done! I'll post photos this week. Also, we're having our baby shower next week so I'm very excited for that! Also, we've been so exhausted from all the yard work, we stopped working on the nursery but I'll pick up the slack this week!

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  1. You look Soooo cute!! I am 32 weeks along and girl all my weight is in my butt haha! I would say you are all belly. Such a fun time :)