Saturday, April 7, 2012

first & second Trimester review...

I thought it would be neat to review my first and second trimester, I realize now how important it is to take photos every week.. I missed a few weeks and I'm pretty bummed about it! It's silly how at 10 weeks, I thought I had a "mini Bump" but it was really just my body changing.. and at 27 weeks, my "mini Bump" is now a beach ball!

So, at 5 weeks we found out we were pregnant and we only had a teeny little jelly bean and we didn't really see Landon until he was about 6 or 7 weeks.. at 8 weeks he looked like a teeny little baby!

Overall, my pregnancy has been a delightful journey. A few emotional breakdowns here and there... it's been great! I never had any morning sickness (Knock on wood)... I ate well, slept well, got monthly prenatal massages, had a lot of walking exercise (which is more than I ever did before I got pregnant!), I get a lot of useful advice from everyone but my cousin Linda has been my rock through all of this!

My husband is ready for the baby. the other day, he put our dog Maddox in time out for barking(we've been doing time out since they were small)... MY husband never liked disciplining the dogs.. and Maddox sat in time out for 20 minutes when my husband put him there!!

Well, Have a wonderful Easter everyone!! xoxox

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  1. oh my gosh! you are so cute pregnant! seriously!
    i read your 28 week post first and i swear you still look cute in pictures!
    my face is already too round and i'm like 7 weeks behind you!!
    just wait! it'll be worth it when you are holding that sweet boy!