Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Little Tuesday babble..

My parents celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary! My husband and I took them out to Mastro's on the Coast in Newport Beach. My parents are not fancy people, so I'm glad they both forgot their glasses and let us order their meal for them. It seemed like they enjoyed their dinner and we had a lot of good laughs! We talked about all their recent milestones, getting all their children married, becoming grandparents for the first time, and all their hardships throughout their marriage. Overall, their advice for a good healthy marriage is.. Communication, Love and LOTS & LOTS prayers!

My mom invited us to leave Landon with her anytime as long as he's not a fussy difficult baby. she only wants him for long periods of time if he's sweet and quiet. lol.

While we enjoyed dinner, I told them about my glucose test, our waitress (who was 26 weeks pregnant) chimed in and told us she was expecting a girl on July 12 (My original due date!) , then she brought over the other waitress who was due around the same time as me July 3rd... after that- ANOTHER waitress came over and she is due June 28th (the date my husband is predicting!)...

This brings me to the second part of my weekly babble.. my pregnancy pact.. well not exactly. It seems like once one of my girlfriends got pregnant, a sudden bloom of mommies-to-be started popping up every where!

Let's start with my Girlfriend Nikki. She is one of the first to expect. She Recently had her baby Boy last week. HE IS ADORABLE!
She announced her Pregnancy at lunch one day and I said, "OOh, I just started trying! Can I rub your belly??" she said yes and I got knocked up about 1 week later!


Right after that, there were 4 of us that announced around the same time.

First My Future SIL's sister mary is expecting around the same week as me... she's expecting a boy!

Then my friend I made back during the summer. Her name is Kat. She's expecting during my original due date, July 12th. She's having a girl.

(I'm in the black dress and Amy is on the far right)
Then My cousin's wife Amy announced she was pregnant.. She is about 3 1/2 weeks after me. She's due at the end of July. She is also expecting a boy!

Are we keeping up? That's 5 so far.

During Christmas, 3 More announced their pregnancy.
first, my husbands cousin Drew, Chip & Emily are all expecting as well. They live in Pennsylvania.

Around the same time,

My cousin Paul's wife announced they were expecting their first. They're due around September. They find out in 2 weeks! (We're all hoping for a boy).. We are having MEGA Baby reunion around November because my brother's getting married!

The same week, My girlfriend Melissa announced she's expecting her second baby.. she's having a girl! I'm super excited for her because she has the CUTEST little man named Connor So I know her daughter will be extra Adorable!

running out of fingers to count?? That's 10.

Last weekend, I found out my second cousin Judy is expecting in June. She's having a boy.

Then my friend Rebecca is expecting a girl- in August.

Our friends Brian & Kari Altman from Kittanning (now living in San Diego) are expecting their second son!! They got married a week before us!

Well.. That's 13. 13 people I know, 13 people having babies, not just babies, DRAGON babies. funny isn't it? I wish everyone who is expecting a HEALTHY pregnancy filled with Joy, LOVE & strength! For all of my friends who would like to get pregnant, I welcome you to come over and rub my belly!!



  1. Goodness!!! That is a handful of people! But, you are so right....that could make for some FUN family/friend get-togethers!

  2. hey girl,
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  3. thank you! I'll check it out on your blog!!!