Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little Landon Update!

So My Mother in Law and Sister in Law are still in town until tonight. My husband and I decided to surprise them & my mom with an Ultrasound visit today. Earlier around 16 weeks pregnant, We had purchased the 3D Package with my OBGYN... I recommend purchasing this package when you're pregnant! So here is what the Ultrasound Tech had to say about little Landon. "he weighs about 3 1/2 lbs" "very photogenic".. but we knew that already "he had really pouty lips, Long fingers BIG HANDS, Long toes and BIG FEET" "his family jewels are large". lol so the best thing about seeing him?? He yawned. and I got soOOoo excited! Here are some photos of my Ultrasound! Enjoy!
apparently he likes to sleep with his arm up by his face because he wouldn't move it. it was pretty cute. Also he lays upside down. lol
his giant hands and long fingers are hilarious. its just like mine... My M.I.L says its perfect to catch footballs and basketballs. lol
his left foot and long monkey toes. Anyway, that's today's update. I hope I have more photos of our baby shower to blog later this week! xoxoox

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