Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nursery Sneak Peak..

Well, We are in the early stages of decorating.. I realize now how much more work will go into making his Nursery complete, but just starting it gives me butterflies!

So here is a photo of his crib/bedding... I LOVE IT! I know theres a whole "To Bumper or NOT to Bumper" argument, but I would rather have a crib bumper and watch him like a hawk than have a broken leg or arm when his limbs get stuck between the bars... So we decided on a bumper and the Angel Care motion detector. man is this baby going to be monitored like a prisoner. Seriously, After seeing this photo below, I thought.. I can't risk it.

on a more positive side... here is his little lamp... its SOooOoo CUTE, I can't take it. I would have to say, my hubby has a slight tendency to go overboard when decorating... he likes everything Matchy Matchy... and I try to spread it out. I was iffy on the lamp, but overall its not that bad!

and Lastly, his changing table/dresser... very bare I know, but I can start filling it in the next few months.

well that's our little sneak peak.. I'd show you a photo of his growing wardrobe, but his closet needs to be cleaned out. It's like hoarders anonymous in there.

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